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Community Recognition

BBQ day is a celebration of Community, and each year we publicly recognize dedicated individuals and businesses, but we need your help finding those most deserving! The Citizen of the Year, the Youth of the Year, and the Business of the Year will be interviewed for a spotlight in the Johnstown Breeze, highlighted on BBQ Day Social Media, and will ride at the front of the BBQ Day Parade.

How to Nominate?

  •     In person at Town Hall (paper form)

  •     Submit the online form below

Nominations will be accepted until 5:00pm Friday, May 5, 2023.

Citizen : The individual who best exemplifies the Citizen/Mentor of the Year is one who sustainably and regularly contributes to the community by dedication to our community CARES values, and does not work in an official capacity with or for the Town. (Nomination exclusions include: Town employees, Town council members, and BBQ Day Committee members)


Youth : The young person (18 and under) who best personifies the Youth of the Year is one who is active in, and contributes to the community, through stand-out efforts and activities complementing the community CARES values.

Business : The business who best exemplifies the Business of the Year is one who is has a dedicated and sustainable commitment to residents and visitors of the community and goes above and beyond normal business services expected. This business does this through activities that align with our community CARES values.

CARES values are: Communication, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Stewardship

Who are you nominating?
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Thank you for your nomination!

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