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  • When, where, and how much does the event cost?
    The event is Friday, September 8 th from 6-8 pm at the NEW Roosevelt High School at 3349 Roosevelt Parkway in Johnstown. And great news! This event is free as Johnstown BBQ Day always is!
  • Where do I park?
    We’d love to see as much carpooling as possibly so invite your friends and neighbors and then carpool to this great event! There is parking at the high school and the Sauer family has generously allowed guests of this event to park on their field near the high school. Field parking is WEATHER PERMITTING! There will be absolutely no parking on County Road 13 even just for the fireworks. This area will be monitored by Johnstown Police Department and cars will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  • Can I sign up to be a vendor?
    There are no vendor slots available at this time. Any vendor that has not been previously arranged with the committee and tries to set up will be required to leave the event entirely.
  • What is the schedule of the event?
    -Guests of the event should plan to arrive at 6 pm. -El Loco Fandango will begin playing at about 6:15 pm. -They will play until fireworks occur at about 8/8:15.
  • Where are the bathrooms?
    Look for the Porta-Potties near the field house and food trucks. Signage will also exist at the event to help point the direction. The inside of the school will not be open during the event.
  • Where will the band play & where will the fireworks launch from?
    The band will play on the concrete between the school and the field house and the fireworks will be launched to the east of the school. Guests of the event can bring their own chairs or blankets to enjoy both activities or the bleachers will be available to sit in as well. There will be absolutely no field access during this event to preserve the pristine condition of the new field and this great new building.
  • What else is important to know on this event?
    The Johnstown BBQ Day Committee is incredibly appreciative to the Weld RE-5J School District for allowing us to use their beautiful, new facility for this event. We are asking all guests to be respectful and stay out of areas that are off limits, pick up all their trash and have pride in their community. The committee is also asking for your grace, patience, and understanding during this event. This is a rescheduled event due to the rainout of the original date and it’s an entirely new planning process. Please be patient as you park, attend, and enjoy the event. Try to carpool when you can! Please remember this event is coordinated by a group of volunteers that love this town very much and are excited to enjoy this event with you. We appreciate that we live in such a great community filled with wonderful people!
  • Where can I find answers during the event?
    Please feel free to talk to anyone in an orange volunteer or BBQ Day Committee t-shirt - we would love to help you!
  • Where can I find a map of the event?
    Right here!
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