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Parade Route: The official parade route begins at the intersection of Telep Avenue and N 3rd Street, proceeding south on Telep, then eastward on N Park Avenue until reaching Jay Avenue. It will then briefly turn south on Jay Avenue before bending onto Charlotte Avenue, heading east. The parade will continue along Charlotte Avenue, turn north onto Columbine Avenue, and then west onto N 2nd Street, passing by the old High School (now Roosevelt Middle School). Finally, it will make a northward turn onto N Greeley Avenue, where the parade will come to an end shortly after.

SPLASH ZONE - End of parade Firetruck wet zone will be around the corner of of N 2nd St and N Greeley Ave

Parade Line-Up: Check-in at Rolling Hills Pkwy and Crestview Dr, lining up along the southwest bend of Rolling Hills Parkway towards Rolling Hills Ranch Dr.

If you have any questions or need any information regarding the parade, please email us!

  • 8:00am - Parade Check-in and Line-up

    • Large vehicles (semi-truck/long trailers) should be prepared to line-up no later than 8:30am​

    • All participants need to be checked in and lined up by 9:00am​!

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